Self betterment has many facets

Energy healing, Reiki, Shamanism, physical health, mental health, metaphysics, meditation, occult, witchcraft, and spirituality are all facets of my life, and my personal pursuit of happiness. I recently was asked the following on my facebook page:

“I am curious to know with all of the above-mentioned avenues, which resonates the most with you. Do you find they intertwine? If not, how do you distinguish between them.

Here is my answer:

These are all fully comingling beliefs, ideas, and paradigms in my world. I strongly believe in being eclectic in forming our own personal paradigms, worldviews, or belief structures. For me, I could not imagine doing energy healing without involving shamanism, Reiki, meditation, and other spiritual phenomena in my sessions. Typically when I do work on a client it is a multi-faceted approach to energy healing. I incorporate whatever is necessary to promote the fastest, safest, and strongest healing that the client is able to handle at that time.

Spiritually I work within many paradigms fairly seamlessly. This is probably due to my belief that magick is neither white, nor black, nor grey, or green, or any other colour or intent or feeling for that matter. To me, magick and energy are just that, magick and energy. Just like a gun is just a gun, a knife is just a knife, and a car is just a car. They are all tools, that can be used for good, used for evil, or anywhere in between and beyond that realm. I work with angels for certain things, I also work with daemons for other things. I use shamanism and journeying to aid in ascension and journeying to the various inner realms of my mind and the outer realms of the astral, infernal, and upper, middle, and lower worlds. I use Reiki to charge almost all of my works and to help filter things so that they manifest in a good way. The science and arts of witchcraft, ceremonial magick, and high magick have helped me to grow my energy, my focus, and my attention to detail and helped me develop new extremely effective means of energy healing that I use in my sessions, and on myself.

If I had to pick a favorite spiritual practice or paradigm to work with it would be shamanism. I thoroughly enjoy running through the dark recesses of my mind and the other worlds both on journeys, and in dream walks. I practice reality checks such as taking the index and middle finger of my right hand and trying to push them through the palm of my left hand numerous times a day, years of doing this has programmed my mind and body to work together, and now whenever I am dreaming, I perform this reality check and my fingers go THROUGH my palm, this triggers my mind to know I am dreaming and thus I can begin dream walking and exploring the other worlds. This is my ultimate FAVORITE practice if I had to pick just one, dream walking is far and by my most coveted skill I have learned, and it has immensely helped grow all of my other skills and resources.

I am a professional energy worker for a living, so I deal with high amounts of energy all the time, this can be quite taxing on the physical body. This is where the physical and mental health comes into play. I have found that drinking plenty of water with electrolytes, eating as healthy as I can with a mostly whole food plant-based diet, exercising, and meditating are all extremely important parts of my self-care, and maintaining and even constantly growing my energy levels.

The take home from my answer is this:
Add as many tools to your toolbox as you can to take care of yourself and others. If you aren’t keeping yourself healthy and well, then it is very difficult to help others in their journey to wellness and self-realization. To live a healthy life, never stop learning new things in fields that may help you to grow and become happy and healthy, and first and foremost do what makes you more YOU!

until next time!

Azariel Flame
Reiki Master, Shaman, Teacher
Ignite the light

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