New Requirements For Students

Going forward all of my students will be required to complete much more stringent case studies in order to receive a practitioner or master certificate. If you choose not to do case studies you will only be issued a certificate of attunement.

All online courses will only be eligible for certificates of attunement from this point forward. To receive a practitioners certificate or a certificate of mastery you must attend an in-person course (private lessons are available) and complete the applicable amount of case studies per certificate level.

In order to get your practitioner certificate, you must complete five case studies consisting of four one hour sessions per case study. In order to get your mastery certificates, you must complete ten case studies consisting of four one hour sessions per case study.

If you are currently awaiting certificates, you will fall under the category of being required to do case studies to receive your certificates.

Any of my students who will be passing on certificates to their students with my lineage MUST send me the case studies their students use to acquire their practitioner or master certificates, these must not contain names, private info, or contact info in order for you to maintain your client-practitioner confidentiality. All case studies will be kept confidential. Anyone claiming to be a master or teacher and using my name in their lineage must be able to provide case studies if asked by myself or any of my certified teachers or masters.

I am asking that anyone with certificates already issued, please take it upon themselves to begin using the new case studies, client intake, and client consent forms for their clients every session. Case studies are excellent resources for you to use in your practice as they help you build a history of what has and has not worked in your sessions to reference from when working on future clients. Case studies also give you more credibility and show that you know what you are doing. The client intake forms and client consent forms protect both YOU AND YOUR CLIENT.

If you would like the new case studies, client intake, and client consent forms please send me a message on facebook or an email to or download them from my dropbox here.

The case studies for all students who have been certified under Ignite the light will be available in a private forum for all our masters and teachers to review as a helpful tool to help them learn and grow in their respective traditions, the case studies will not be shared outside our master/teacher forum and all names, personal info, and contact info will not be shared to keep client confidentiality. This forum will also be a place for all of our practitioners, masters, and teachers to collaborate and help each other grow and work together in their respective traditions. The forum will be a place for all of us to learn, and teach each other new techniques and share our experiences in order to help grow our knowledge base.

All masters and teachers who have completed their case studies will also be listed on this website as trusted practitioners, teachers, and masters. If they are not on our website and are using my name on their lineage they have not completed the necessary case studies that meet the new criteria. This is a way to help grow our credibility and to help get our practitioners, teachers, and masters known in the wonderful world and field of energy healing and energy therapy. Anyone who has previously been issued certificates but has not completed the new case studies are welcome to download the forms, and complete the new requirements should they wish to be listed on the website in our directory of practitioners, masters, and teachers.

thank you all for your co-operation and understanding.
I want our students to have successful careers and excell in their fields, and this I feel is a huge step in that direction.

Yours truly,

Azariel Flame
Reiki Master, Shaman, Teacher
Ignite the light

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