Chaplet of Arch Angel Lucifer

After doing several attunements to Lucifer, he presented to me a lovely chaplet to call upon his energy which I personally find very powerful and gratifying. This connects you to his energies as the bright and morning star, the bringer of light. May you find use for this and enjoy it as much as I do. If you have gotten an attunement to lucifer this is an excellent daily rosary to connect to his energies. Lucifer is the bringer of light, the great adversary, the embodiment of rebellion, and the one who gave up his throne for the good mankind. There is much to be learned and gained from connecting to this beautiful angel.

The chaplet contains the enn to lucifer from S. Connolly's Complete book of Demonolatry, The invocation from the Grimoirium Verum, and The lords prayer in reverse, as prescribed in Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson. Three powerful ways to make contact, that when combined become even more potent.

At the Cross:
Lucifer, the bright and morning star, bringer of light, who fell for the sake of man, I call you forth so that I may know you and converse with you.

3x on the little beads:
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

On the big beads:
Nema, Live morf su reviled tub, noitatpmet otni ton su dael dna, su tsniaga ssapsert ohw esoht evigrof ew sa, sessapsert ruo su evigrof dna, daerb yliad ruo yad siht su evig, nevaeh ni si ti sa htrae no enod eb lliw yht, emoc modgnik yht, eman yht eb dewollah, nevaeh ni tra ohw, rehtaf ruo.

10x on the little beads:
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Final big bead:
Lucifer, Ouyar, Chameron, Aliseon, Mandousin, Premy, Oriet, Naydrus, Esmony, Eparinesont, Estiot, Dumosson, Danochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sodirno, Peatham, Come, Lucifer, Amen.

Now sit in contemplative meditation and connect to the energy of Lucifer. I recommend offering frankincense and a candle each time you do this, in thanks and gratitude. Say something to the effect of "Thank you for your continued blessings, please accept my humble offerings of incense and flame." You may also use this time in meditation to connect to the light bringer in any way you choose, such as asking for blessings, asking for help with spellwork, asking for knowledge etc. 

May this help you to Ignite the light within!

Azariel Flame