Full Snow Moon in Leo - Feb. 16, 2022

Today is the Full Moon!!
Also called the Snow Moon, Storm Moon or the Hunger Moon.
Emerging just a few days after Valentine’s Day this moon brings an air of romance to the skies.
The Full Snow Moon is in Leo. This moon will inspire people to put their best foot forward. Help with confidence regardless of the situation.
Love and Passion is in the air.
To take full advantage of this Full Snow Moon it’s suggested to take a chance and summon courage if the timing is right!! Now is a great time to make bold moves, pursue new passions-whether it ne a new project or new romantic interest.
This full moon shines a light on the truth and encourages you to embrace change. If you leap, the universe will always be there to catch you.
The spiritual meaning of the Snow Moon will not disappoint.
This Snow Moon could be the most important in all of 2022.
Embrace the stimulating energy, reinstall your hunger for life!! Let this Snow Moon be a reminder of the Abundance at your fingertips!!