Hot Foot Powder Recipe and Spell

Hotfoot Powder is used for removing unwanted people or situations from your life, use caution as hot-footing someone can make them restless and unable to settle down for life if they don't deal with the crossed conditions placed upon them.

Make this mixture on a Tuesday in the hour of Mars:

Mix the following items: Chili Powder Red Pepper Black Pepper Sulfur Mace Tobacco When mixed together if possible, fumigate with Asafoetida, but do this outside, it's awful.

As you make the mixture and fumigate it pray psalm 35 and psalm 59 repeatedly.

When done say: "I consecrate, bless, and empower this powder to drive away all that cause me harm and create discord in my life, in the name of the father +, and the son +, and the holy spirit +, Amen."

Candle Ritual (to be done on a Tuesday in the hour of Mars ideally):

Carve the name of the individual or situation you wish to eliminate into a black wax candle.

Extra points if you have their birth date, address, and phone number.

Dress the candle with Olive oil.

Extra points if you get oil infused with chili's or other hot peppers.

Next, sprinkle the hotfoot powder onto the dressed candle to load it.

Write your intentions on parchment and then anoint the center of the paper with the oil and powder.

Put a picture of your target in the paper and a sympathetic link, a foot track, signature, piece of hair, piece of clothing, finger nails, something they've owned, dirt from their property etc.

Fold the paper away from yourself and insert it below the dressed candle.

Be sure that the candle is properly placed in an appropriate candle holder.

Call upon Archangel Samael: (Make the sign of the cross in the air for each +)

Arch Angel Samael I call upon you now, I adjure you, I summon, stir, and call you forth, by these powerful and binding names of God, YHVH+, EHEIEH+, ADONAI +, AGLA +, EL+, TZEVAOT+, ELOHIM+, come to me now and guide my sorcery towards my target, send your legions of angels forth and set them upon my target (insert name or describe the situation you are banishing), may this target move from my life forever. Do this for me now immediately and without delay! In the name of the Father +, and the Son +, and the Holy Spirit +, Amen.

Light the candle and recite Psalm 35 seven times, and Psalm 59 seven times.

When done dispose of the candle wax and the petition packet at a crossroads by burying it, or bury it at the grave of a criminal and don't look back as you leave.

NOTE: If you can't get all the ingredients above, any hot peppers work, as well as basil, rue, garlic, peppers, mustard, onion, turmeric, and cactus.

Simply substitute with what you CAN get, you may also fumigate with any of the herbs mentioned here.

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