Kenina Witch of Fire

Kenina the witch of the southern watchtower of fire has revealed her sigil to me finally. Use this to connect with her.

The powers of fire include passion, love, lust, inspiration, living life to the fullest, desire, burning away what no longer serves, and shining in the dark.

Simple connection to Kenina:

You will need one small candle, a tea light or votive will do, and some incense. Do not leave your candle burning unattended, snuff it after you are done.

1. Face south and sit with your legs crossed and your spine straight.

2. Do the fourfold breath until fully relaxed (in for the ocunt of 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4)

3. Visualize in your minds eye a great burning bonfire in front of you.

4. Breathe in the energy of the fire from the flame, breathe out the old stagnant fireenergy from within your body, cleansing and charging breathe in, cleansing and releasing breathe out.

5. Light a small candle such as a tea light or a votive in the South. Begin chanting Talli's mantra out loud "IO Kenina pneuma tis fotias" and continue for the rest of the operation.

6. Visualize the sigil of Kenina in red taking the place of the bonfire. Make it glow brighter and brighter with each inhalation and exhalation.

7. Begin "feeling" for the energy of Kenina with all your senses, your sight both inner and outer, your hearing both inner and outer, your smell both inner and outer, your feeling both inner and outer, your taste both inner and outer. Take note of anything that feels different, can you smell the smoke from the burning fire? can you feel the heat of the flames? can you hear the crackling and sparking of the wood? fill out all your senses.

8. Visualize Kenina coming out of her sigil in all her splendour just as she is pictured, the dark skin, the flaming hair, the fire in her hands, fill it all in, fully and completely with ALL of your senses.

9. State out loud "Thank you Kenina for your presence, I ask that you be my mentor, teacher, protector and guide and that you open the ways of the Southern Gate so that its magick may be made manifest, for and through me. Show me what I need to see. Remove all obstacles that are within your reach and make level the path to success in all that I do."

10. Continue chanting her mantra and sit in her presence, she may do some healing on you, she may give you a gift or a vision, let things play out naturally.

11. Once you feel you are done with the connection Light your incense and say "I thank you Kenina for your presence, protection, and the many blessings you have bestowed upon me, I give you offering, thanks and gratitude for your guidance and blessings. May this incense uplift you and please you, and be a symbol of our friendship and the peace between us. Hail Kenina and thank you." 

12. Extinguish the candle and go about your day.

I hope this finds you all well and helps you to Ignite the light within!