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Ignite the light is an online metaphysical store and learning center.
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Ignite the light was founded in 2017 by Azariel Flame, a practitioner of the esoteric and occult arts for over 17 years, with the goal of helping others to see the magick in life and realize their true potential. Since then Azariel has taught many courses through Ignite the light around the world and does seminars and courses to help others grow and live magickal lives. Ignite the light offers online classes for Reiki, Lightwork, Shadow work, Shamanism, and many other paths. We believe that everyone must walk their own path and strive to provide education and services to help you in your personal growth and journey through the metaphysical world. Azariel has been practicing energy work and magick since 2001, and continues to expand his knowledge by continually taking new courses and practicing with magickians all around the world.