Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 1

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Reiki is a natural system of energy healing. It is done by placing hands on or near the recipient. The practitioner runs Reiki Energy while placing their hands on or over a series of locations on the recipients body. This energy is the life force that permeates the universe. Practitioners can also work remotely. Remote techniques are usually taught at the second degree level. The process of doing Reiki treatment is thought of as “laying on of hands” or “spiritual healing” and is considered to be a metaphysical phenomenon. Reiki also has elements based on the traditions of Asian medicine and martial arts which have given rise to acupuncture, chi gong, tai chi and similar practices.

Reiki is related to some practices of Chinese Medicine, Chi gong and other Holistic Medicine and modes. Reiki is somewhat of a fusion of spiritual healing and some traditional Asian medical, spiritual and health practices. The hand placements correspond to some of those points used in Acupuncture and other practices but no needles, pressure or massage is used. Reiki flows through the practitioner but is not generated by the practitioner and does not deplete the Reiki practitioners own energy supplies. Advanced practitioners can do treatments without physical contact.

Mikao Usui Developed the Reiki Universal Healing Energy system after years of study of a great variety of subjects. He received the ability to heal with Reiki energy during a spiritual initiation after long fasting and meditation on one of Japan’s many sacred mountains.

What is Reiki?

The simplest definition of the word Reiki is Universal or Spiritual (Rei)- Life Force or Energy (Ki). The Reiki system is a simple and powerful system of energy work that anyone can learn to use for developing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and wholeness in themselves and for assisting others.

Reiki usually functions on the energy body first following the same channels used in acupuncture, acupressure, chi gong and other traditional Asian Medical and healing modes but not limited to them.

The practitioner uses the Reiki energy to help people move & balance energy, remove blocks and repair tears in the aura and help restore well being. Advanced practitioners are able to give treatments without touching the recipient and even send treatments great distances, even to people on other continents.

Reiki is a system of energy healing from Japan using methods transmitted to and received by Mikao Usui, legendarily at the end of a 21 day fast and meditation in Japan at Mt. Kurama. Reiki is a simple and powerful system of laying on of hands and remote healing that can transform lives. The Usui System of Natural Healing was introduced to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata,

from Hawaii, who received Reiki Attunements From Dr. Hayashi.

You will receive:  1 e-mailed manual, Distance attunements (level 1 is 4 attunements total), an e-mailed certificate and my full support by e-mail before, during and after your course.

If you would like to book a course for this in person please contact us for further information.

Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the healing energy for yourself and others.

The Founder of this system is :  Mikao Usui

Are there any Prerequisites? No


What is the approximate length of  the attunement?  30-45 minutes


If only taking the online course you will be issued a certificate of Attunement. In order to receive a practitioners certificate or certificate of mastery you must attend one of my workshops in person and complete case studies, private lessons can be arranged as well.



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