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5 Elements Attunement

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Elemental attunement to the five elemental powers, this taps you directly into the power of the elementals, the elemental guardians, the watchtowers, and their corresponding powers.

This attunement has basically unlimited uses once you learn to channel the power of each element and focus it into your work, and energy body.

Manifestation, spells, healing, change, alchemy, witchcraft. You will find that all your elemental workings have an extra quality to them and that you are able to channel them much easier.

If you have previous experience with Reiki, energy healing, or elemental magick, this will give you that extra boost you've been looking for.

Connecting to the watchtowers during ritual will be elevated. Your elemental chakras will be more active. You will notice real changes in your magick, and in your life if you continue to activate this attunement. We highly recommend coupling this attunement with the witches cauldron technique on our youtube channel.

Spirit is located at the crown.
Air is located at the throat.
Water is located at the heart.
Fire is located at the navel.
Earth is located at the base of the spine.

Fire: Hot, Dry, and Expansive and transformative
Water: Cool, Wet, and Fluid and moldable
Air: Hot, Wet, light and quick
Earth: Cool, Dry, Dense and heavy

The power of fire to burn away the needless and create new life.
The power of water to wash away the stagnant and nurture new life.
The power of earth to bury the old and grow the new.
The power of air to blow away the ashes and reveal whats deep inside.
The power of spirit to become like the gods.

You will be contacted after your order for instructions on when and how to accept your attunement.


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