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Ignite the light

Abundance Bowl Starter Kit

Abundance Bowl Starter Kit

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Introducing the Abundance Bowl Starter Kit. Your Gateway to Prosperity and Positive Energy!

Unlock the power of abundance and transform your living space into a magnet for prosperity with our Abundance Bowl Starter Kit. Abundance bowls are not just decorative accents; they are renowned for their ability to attract positive energies and amplify the flow of abundance into your life. Placing this exquisite kit near the entrance of your home is like inviting the universe's abundance to step right in.

🌟 What are Abundance Bowls Good For? Abundance bowls are more than just beautiful décor – they are energy reservoirs that harness the metaphysical properties of crystals to manifest your intentions. 

Crystals That Come With The Abundance Bowl Starter Kit:

🔮 Carnelian: Ignite your passion, enhance creativity, and stimulate motivation for success.

💖 Rose Quartz: Cultivate love, harmony, and emotional healing, creating an environment of positivity and compassion.

💜 Amethyst: Facilitate tranquility, balance, and spiritual growth, allowing abundance to flow through a clear and focused mind.

🌞 Tumbled Citrine: Attract wealth, prosperity, and success while fostering a vibrant energy that radiates positivity.

Clear Quartz: Amplify intentions, cleanse energies, and promote overall balance and clarity.

🌈 India Mix of Different Crystals: A diverse blend that harmonizes various energies, promoting holistic abundance and aligning your space with positivity.

🔮 Each Set Contains Approximately 37 Crystals: With an array of carefully selected crystals, your abundance bowl will brim with the energy needed to welcome prosperity into every aspect of your life.

🌌 Why Place It Near the Entrance and what type of bowl should you put the crystals in?

Placing the Abundance Bowl near your entrance serves as a warm invitation for prosperity to enter your life. As you come and go, the crystals in the bowl will interact with your energy, setting the stage for abundance to flow effortlessly into your daily experiences.

The crystals and stones should be placed in a Non-see through bowl for best results.

🌟 The Perfect Abundance Bowl Starter Kit

Our Abundance Bowl Starter Kit is more than just a collection of crystals – it's your first step towards a journey of prosperity and positive change. With handpicked carnelian, rose quartz, amethyst, tumbled citrine, clear quartz, and an India Mix of different crystals, this kit empowers you with a versatile range of metaphysical properties to infuse your space with abundant energy.

Start Your Abundance Journey Now with Ignite the Light! 

Begin your journey towards a life of abundance, positivity, and success. Let the Abundance Bowl Starter Kit from Ignite the Light be your guiding light towards a brighter, more prosperous future. 

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