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Ignite the light / Alberta Laser Engraving

Citrine Tower JFCT11023

Citrine Tower JFCT11023

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Citrine is lovingly referred to as the merchant stone. Citrine symbolizes wealth and abundance. It precense is used to attract wealth and abundance into your business and your liife. 

This sunny stone has an instant effect on the health and wealth of your body, mind, and soul. Natural Citrine is so bright and blessed that is unable to hold onto bad energy, meaning that you can always rely on it to take those tough times in hand and transmute it into something special. 

Just like standing in the gentle glow of sunlight, Citrine works wonders when it comes to warming the physical body and bringing uplifting moods. If Vitamin D were a stone it would be Citrine for sure. Bringing Citrine into your life means that you can say farewell to sluggish vibes. An instant pick me up, Citrine brings a bounty of energy and can be an amazing gift to those who suffer from chronic fatigue.

While Citrine is an energy giver, it doesn’t mean she amps you up into overdrive, it’s a stone that will pull you up by your bootstraps but not leave you out of balance.

Citrine helps you to crack open your mind, to release those tense feelings of negativity and anger, and to take deep cleansing breaths that help you to overcome muddled feelings of confusion, sadness, and destructive tendencies. Citrine teaches you to put down the weight of all those things that no longer serve you. 

This gorgeous Citrine Tower is Approx. 4.5"x2.5" 

Disclaimer: This is sold as a curio only with no medical claims. 

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