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Ignite the light

Meet The Author Event with J.C. Marco July 27th

Meet The Author Event with J.C. Marco July 27th

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Join us for a mystical afternoon at Ignite The Light, nestled just 10 minutes West of Rimbey Alberta. Delve into the enchanting world of Witchcraft with acclaimed author J.C. Marco, as he presents his latest creation: "Witchcraft for Beginners: A Practical 2-in-1 Book of Shadows & Grimoire for the New Witch."

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wonder and discovery on July 27th from 11AM to 2PM. Born and raised in rural Alberta, J.C. Marco's connection to the natural beauty of the mountains has guided his spiritual path, leading him to share his wisdom and insights with others.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as J.C. Marco shares his experiences spanning over 25 years of magical exploration. From spellcraft to the spiritual realm, J.C. Marco's passion for the metaphysical shines through in his writing. Discover how his books are not only a source of knowledge but also a canvas for your own spiritual endeavors.

Secure your place at this captivating event with a $60 ticket pre-order, and receive a signed copy of "Witchcraft for Beginners" to accompany you on your own spiritual journey. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the author, delve into the mysteries of Witchcraft, and connect with like-minded individuals in the heart of Alberta.

Unlock the secrets of the universe and chart your course through the realms of magic with J.C. Marco at Ignite The Light. Reserve your spot today!

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