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Sol 7 Day Candle Service

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Here at North Witch HQ we do a weekly community spell and setting of lights to the Sun. This is a great way to open you up to the power of the Sun. We use the second pentacle of the sun for each of these to help the working along with the spirits.

Your patronage covers the cost of the offerings, oils, herbs, candles etc used in the ritual and petitions.

All of the above are done on the day and in the hour of the sun.

Things we can petition the ruling angels and spirits of the sun for on your behalf are: Prosperity, wealth, growth, confidence, clarity, commonality, abundance, truth, harmony, partnerships, and protection.

Please indicate in the order comments what your personal petition to Arch Angel Michael is. Please note that this is typically done every Sunday, so your ritual will be done on the next Sunday after your order. If you need it done immediately please select the emergency magick option and we will do this the next business day. These rituals typically burn for 6 to 10 days.

Example petition:
Archangel Michael, I beseech you that you protect me from any malefica and break any bonds placed upon me, grant me your solar boons and increase my happiness, my health, and my wealth. May I shine in all that I do! Protect me from my enemies and bring me abundance and good life!

You will get an emailed picture of your candle and petition going on the altar showing it has been done.

In keeping with tradition, all setting of lights services are sold as a novelty and we make no claims to their effectiveness.

We will ask for a copy of your signature, a picture of you, and your full name and date of birth, as a sympathetic link for this ritual, this ties the ritual to your energies in a much stronger way. With our services you are guaranteed complete confidentiality and this information is never shared. We have a strict confidentiality policy protecting all of our clients.

Sorcery does not work like it does in the movies such as Harry Potter, it is an augment to mundane action, we cannot just wave our wands and poof you are rich. If you are asking to make money it may come as job opportunities or as overtime at work. If you are looking for love but never leave your couch it will take more time to manifest. If you need to get a job and don't send out resumes it doesn't have an avenue to come into your reality. While we guarantee the best possible sorcery on our end, purchasing spell work from us is also an agreement that you will actively work on bettering your station and creating avenues for the magic to manifest. This may include things like therapy, sending out job applications, going to events or classes to meet people, changing your spending habits, learning new skills, networking, advertising etc.