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7 inch Wheel of Hekate Amulet

7 inch Wheel of Hekate Amulet

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The charge of the symbol invokes not only Hekate, but four groups of the triple
feminine figures from Greek Mythology: the Furies, the Graces, the
Fates, and the Gorgons.

The Wheel of Hekate is from Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller. These are made out of birch and are 7" in diameter. These are approximately 3/16" thick (1/4" birch ply). Instructions for using these can be found in P&RM.

Birch is a sacred wood best used for cleansing rituals and expelling evil spirits. Those interested in the practice of white magic will find this wood is a wonderful companion, exemplary in healing. Excellent for protection spells. The Celtic wood of the new year and new beginnings, Brooms were traditionally made of Birch twigs. Birch can help you sweep away negative energy, organize and calm the emotions.

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