JARS Sigil Activation: Above and Below, Within and Without

WHAT IS IT?The JARS sigil is a glyph of great power channelled, created, empowered, and made active by Azariel Flame on the night of Samhain, October 31st / Nov 1st between the hours of 11 PM and 3 AM after two long exhaustive years of practice to bring it to life. JARS stands for Justified…

Simple prosperity spell

This spell is extremely simple and only requires a few ingredients. The process is also fairly simple. Ingredients: 1 blank cheque 3 pinches dried powdered basil 3 pinches dried powdered bay leaf 3 pinches dried powdered cinnamon 1 small citrine cluster or geode 1 silver envelope For those who have done magick before this will…

Why are we born witches?

Hi everyone! I have been getting a lot of questions lately and I have realized that my answers to these may be able to help more than just the person asking. So I will begin to give my answers on this blog so that the words may reach those who need them when they need…

Introduction to Dreamwalking

Hail to the collective consciousness! Over the last few months, I have been teaching some introductory workshops on Shamanism, and they have been quite well received (which I am grateful for!). One of the topics that have come up in this workshop is lucid dreaming and coupling it with shamanic journeying. This is what I…

Working with the Daemonic

This article is written for intermediate to advanced practitioners. It is assumed that before practicing this work, you have a working knowledge of the Goetia, and the Daemonic forces.

Bringing energy to balance meditation 5

Today we will be covering a slight variation on what we have been doing with the white energy, and the black energy. This meditation is going to spend the entire 30 minutes going through the chakra system.

Bringing energy to balance meditation 4

Todays practice is going to be something a little bit different, we are going to work through the chakra system with the element of air and visualize our chakras as clear spheres, similar to an ice ball or glass ball.

Bringing energy to balance meditation 2

30 minutes working through the chakra system. This time Instead of doing white balls of energy from the root to the crown and black balls of energy on the way down, then visualizing them both in balance afterwards, I did white all the way through.