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Bringing energy to balance meditation 6

The day 6 meditation was an idea that my Fiance came up with and it was an amazing experience. If you like this one, you may enjoy some of her work and ramblings over at Why don’t bats have feathers. The concept is rather simple really, but an area I hadn’t explored in my own personal journey with meditation and gnosis. This meditation focuses on the feeling and emotions evoked by temperature. We will be exploring hot and then cold with this meditation via visualization.

This meditation will last for 30 minutes just like all the others in the series. We will split this into three parts. You may set your phone to vibrate, or whatever tool you choose to use, every 10 minutes, or simply go with the flow and see where you end up. The first part will focus on you feeling and exploring exactly how you feel now, the second part will put you into a hot zone, and the third will put you into a cold zone.

The Process:


Get yourself comfortable in whatever your favourite position for meditation is, I personally chose to lay down on my back for this one.

Begin by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Inhale to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 5. Feel your chest rise and fall, notice how your body feels at this time, are you warm? Are you cold? explore each part of your body beginning at your feet, and feel the temperature there. Are your feet hot or cold? How does this feel to you? are they both the same temperature? do you feel a chill, warmth, perhaps a shiver? Explore each part of your body this way working up to your head. Feet, calves, quads, waist, abdomen, chest, shoulders, upper arm, forearm, hands, and finally head. Once you have felt every part, FEEL your whole body at once, take note of all the hot places, all the cold places, and everything in between. Feel how the temperature in your body shifts and changes and moves. Sit in this until your timer goes off at the 10 minute mark.

Now that you have sat and felt your body, we are going to go on a bit of a journey. Begin to visualize yourself walking in the snow towards a frozen lake. Set out on the lake is sauna hut. Walk your way through the snow, across the ice, and into this shack. I visualize this in the mountains, in a bowled valley, trees all around, a small desolate lake far away from anything or anyone else. The hut has smoke and steam coming from its chimney and is made of hand cut cedar. Open the door and step inside, smell the cedar walls sweating, feel the wet heat take your breathe away. There is a bench seat that goes around the whole room. Sit down and be in the heat. Feel the heat seep into your skin, down to your very core. Feel your whole body get hotter and hotter, to the point you can barely even stand it. Feel your breathe get harder to catch, feel your body overheat, feel it sweat. Feel the warmth consume your entire being and soul, its cleansing, its healing, and its intensity. Sit in the heat and feel everything you can about it until your time is up here, and your timer goes off.

Now its time to go for a dip and cool off. Get up off your bench, walk towards the door and open it. The light hits your eyes as it reflects off the snow, the cold air fills your lungs and you can feel them begin to sting with cold. About 20 feet outside the door there is a large hole 10 feet in diameter cut into the ice. Take a deep breathe of the freezing cold, mountain air and run towards that hole as fast as you can, bend your legs and leap into the hole feet first. Feel the icy cold water encapsulate your entire body from your feet up to your head. Feel the cold shock you, and revitalize you. You are now under the water, the blistering cold is working its way from the outside into your very core. Feel the sting, the pain, the refreshing and glacial cold fill your entire being. Let this cold overtake your every thought, every feeling, every instinct, and allow it to consume you. Sit in this ice cold feeling under the water for the remaining ten minutes and let it cleanse your body, your, mind and your soul. Pay attention to every feeling the cold brings to every part of your body, and your being.

When your ten minutes are up, swim to the edge of the hole, pull yourself up and walk back out of the valley the way you came in. Open your eyes and take as long as you need to come back to reality. You have now experienced your own version of how these temperatures effect you. Note anything that was significant from this and go about your day.

My Experience:

This was another shocking experience for me. When I went into the sauna I could literally feel every part of it like I was there, the shortness of breath in the hot moist air, the heat overtaking my whole body, my pain slipping away like an instant relief. I felt a release of sorts as the heat began to get too much, it was like all the stagnant and useless energy in my body letting go and leaving me, offering space for new vibrant energy. I could feel it seep out of me like sweat. I got to the point where I literally felt so hot laying there in my bed that I couldn’t stand it.

When I left the sauna and jumped into the water it was like a cool, refreshing, breath taking clean and crisp energy overtook my whole body. I never felt like I was freezing but I did feel like I was absorbing nothing but pure energy, and icy cold watery air filled my being. It was like the coldest shower on a warm day. Simply put it was extremely invigorating and refreshing for me. It was the perfect balance to the hot sauna for me and I felt the glacial cold overtake my whole body from shell to core. Then I felt completely at peace as I reached a state of pure nothingness. No thoughts, no worries, no pain, just bliss.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation as much as I did.

-Azariel Flame

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Bringing energy to balance meditation 5

I have had a lot of fun coming up with these meditations. I can’t wait until I get a chance to do the last three back to back. The 5 elements were covered in the last three meditations, air, earth, water, fire, and spirit (electricity/power). Today I feel a great balance in my energetic field, after completing the last three meditations. I was particularly fond of the water/earth meditation and its use of black energy on the chakras. If you have been following these meditations, you may have noticed by now that the darker energies tend to be calming, soothing, and a little bit heavy, while the lighter energies tend to be charging, energizing, and almost manic in feel. This has made me come up with the theory that the dark energies can be used to calm someone who is higher energy, manic, or chaotic. Whereas the light energies can be used to lift you out of a depressive, sad, or drained feeling. I personally enjoyed these experiments and will continue to use them, as I reaped many benefits from them, my energy level has gone up, I can channel energy much easier, and I can notice a definite feeling of balance in my overall system. I’ve even begun to sleep after a week of insomnia!

Today we will be covering a slight variation on what we have been doing with the white energy, and the black energy. This meditation is going to spend the entire 30 minutes going through the chakra system. Yes this may seem a bit redundant at this point, but trust me, you will enjoy this one if you enjoyed any of the white/black chakra meditations in the last few days.

The practice:

Get yourself comfortable, whatever works for you, lay on your back, sit on a pillow, stand on your head, anything that will allow you to sit for 30 minutes and focus on the visualization.
This time we will be spending 1 minute per chakra going up, when you reach the crown you will begin again at the root and work back up to the crown. So you will effectively go root to crown, chakra by chakra, twice. This will be a total of 14 minutes. You can set your phone to vibrate at one minute intervals if it helps you. The final part will be broken up into two 8 minute sections.

On the way up through the chakras the first time, you will start at the base chakra and visualize it as a black sphere of swirling energy. You will then do this visualization for the sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

On the way up the second time you will visualize each chakra as balls of pure white swirling energy, one by one, all the way up to the crown.

Once you reach the crown the second time, you will visualize all of your chakras as the white energy at once, this time adding in flecks of colour, all the colours of the prism, the sacred flames, or rainbow, whatever helps you achieve this visualization the best. You will see them as vibrant white, but containing all the other colours of energy at once as well, for where there is white, there is an abundance of all forms of energy, just as the rainbow can shine through a prism from white light. Hold this visualization for the remainder of the 8 minutes and let it evolve however it happens to in your minds eye.

you will then visualize all of your chakras as the black energy at once, this time adding in a swirling white vibrational energy. This may be visualized as electricity (spirit), flashes of white, whatever it takes for you to see this in the spheres of blackness. The theory behind this is that black cannot be where there has not been light, and the light cannot be anywhere that the darkness hasn’t already touched. Hold this visualization for the remainder of the 8 minutes and let it evolve however it happens to in your minds eye.

Once you have finished your meditation, let the images slowly fade away, and bring yourself back to reality. You may find that you will need to ground after this, as I have found this is a very powerful meditation.

My experience with this meditation:

Out of the meditations I have done in this series, this is the one that rocked my core the most. I felt my body begin to hum with energy once I engaged in the first seven chakra part where the white light becomes the rainbow. This created a vibration through my whole body and I felt extremely hot, my hands began to sweat, and my head began to swirl like I had just stood up too fast. This feeling held for the full 8 minutes. Once I began the black/white meditation, the feeling got heavier and felt like it set into my very soul. My visualization began to flash with black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet bursts. I held the black visualization and the white within the spheres would spark, swirl, spin, and leap within and without the sphere itself. It was like watching the perfect storm take the globe. This was without a doubt the most profound experience I have had in this series. I am looking forward to the days to come.

– Azariel Flame

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Bringing energy to balance meditation 4

Day four of the meditation series, and already I am beginning to find myself impatiently waiting for the next day. I hope everyone has enjoyed following these meditations as much as I have enjoyed creating them and practicing them. For the first meditation we worked through the chakra system and brought light and dark energies to a perfect balance, the second day we worked with white energy and chaotic strong elements, and the third day we worked with black energy and calm, serene elements. In theory, this should be keeping us in balance, even if we are going from one extreme to the other.

Todays practice is going to be something a little bit different, we are going to work through the chakra system with the element of air and visualize our chakras as clear spheres, similar to an ice ball or glass ball. This time we will also alter the timing, as we have been spending 21 minutes on the chakras and 9 minutes on the full visualization, today we will be spending 14 minutes on the chakras and 16 minutes on the visualization. This means you can set your phone to 7, 2 minute intervals, and then a final 16 minute interval. I usually just set my phone to vibrate once at each interval so that I have a physical cue to move on, and to keep me on track.

The theory behind todays visualization is that by visualizing the chakras as containing nothing and being clear will cleanse our system and by becoming nothing, we will become everything. This is based on a quote from the matrix “Do not try to bend the spoon, that’s impossible, instead only try to realize the truth, that there is no spoon.” By realizing that we are nothing, we should become everything at once.

The practice:
Lay on your back and get comfortable, make sure you have set your timer if you need it, at this point, I personally am getting more and more content with just going with the flow of the visualization.  Start at the base chakra, visualize it as a clear sphere, containing nothing, make it like a ball of glass or ice, or however this visualization of emptiness works the best in your brain, hold this visualization for two minutes. Once you have reached the two minute mark, hold the visualization of your root chakra and visualize the sacral chakra the same way. Continue doing this chakra by chakra until you reach your crown, holding each of the previous visualizations. This means that when you are at the crown, you should be visualizing all seven chakra balls as clear balls of energy.

Once you have done this, I want you to hold the visualization and add the following. Visualize wind coming out of the seven chakras at once like a hurricane, typhoon, or tornado, whatever helps you to achieve the best visualization of wind exiting the chakras, spinning around your whole body, then going back into the chakras. The wind should be spinning all around your entire aura, in and out of your chakras by the time your reach your pinnacle of the visualization. Hold this visualization and feeling until your time is up, allow the wind to change however it does in your minds eye and note how you feel. When the allotted time is up, allow the wind to die down, and let your entire visualization fade into nothingness. Take as much time as you need to come back to normal before opening your eyes and going about your day.

My experience with this meditation:

I did this meditation before bed, as I have been finding that is when I am getting the best results. As I visualized the balls as clear energy, I felt a sense of connection to my energy system that was quite new, and almost startling. I found I could feel my energy buzzing through my entire body, and it was very apparent where it was going. It felt akin to small jolts of electricity flowing through my veins. It was a very intriguing and new feeling for me. With the wind visualization I felt cold, and felt as though there was a breeze on me the entire time. By the end I felt a strong connection to my personal power, and felt amazingly well charged, and full of vibrant energy. This was a very fun experiment since it is basically visualizing your energy centres as full of nothingness.

Until next time

-Azariel Flame

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Bringing energy to balance meditation 3

The meditation for day 3 is designed to bring your energies into balance from the previous days meditation. On the 2nd day we worked through the chakra system top to bottom using white energy, then filled ourselves with lightning and fire. This was a very cleansing and active meditation. Today we will be doing work with black energy, water, and earth, the very opposites of yesterdays meditative practice.

Again this is a 30 minute meditation and will run as follows:
starting from the root chakra and working your way up one by one to the crown chakra you will visualize the chakra as a pure black ball of energy, spending one minute and thirty seconds per chakra. When you get to the crown you will then spend an extra minute and thirty seconds then begin working your way down one by one to the root. You will hold the visualization of a black ball of energy on each chakra, then move to the next once the allotted time has passed. To help make this easier you can set your phone to vibrate at intervals of a minute and thirty seconds fourteen times.

You will then spend 9 minutes doing the following visualization:
You are in a dark underground cavern, before you, just over a ledge there is a still pool of black water. There are three torches on the walls of the cavern to your right, revealing a set of stone stairs that lead into the pool. Walk over to these stairs and step down into the pool. Once you are into the pool turn yourself over onto your back and float there in the water, allowing it to envelop you. You become heavier and heavier as the black water consumes your body. You begin to sink into the water but you can still breathe. Remain calm, there is nothing to fear, you are becoming one with the water. It envelops your whole body, washing away anything that no longer allows you to live in balance and harmony. You can see nothing but the black water as you sink deeper and deeper, and the water cleanses all imbalances in your body, and soul. Eventually you hit the soft, black earth at the base of the pool. The mud begins to suck you in and envelope your entire body, remain calm and brave. Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into the muddy earth, and allow it to remove and clear any imbalances in your system. As you relax the mud begins to get thinner and thinner, you feel your body spin so that you are facing down now, you begin to release from the mud, and you begin to float up, you are floating up higher and higher, the weight of the water is becoming less and less as you rise, soon you are once again floating at the top of the pool. Swim over to the stairs and walk your way out of the pool. Allow the vision to fade and take as much time as you need to come back to reality.

My Experience with this meditation:
This meditation was extremely calming for me, bringing perfect balance to my energy field from the chaotic charged energy I had used in the previous days meditation. As the water covered my body I felt completely at peace, and could feel a warmth go through my entire body. Even though the water seemed to be heavy, I myself began to feel lighter and serene. Once I hit the mud, I felt even warmer, almost like I was in the warm embrace of a loved one. I felt love, peace, and happiness during this entire meditation. This left me feeling very grounded and seemed to really balance out the very vibrant active energy I had put into my field the day before. The heavy calming effect lasted quite a while and left me feeling like I could use a good nap, this exercise would be advisable to do before bed unless you were to do the exercise from day 2 and this exercise back to back in one day. This was a very pleasant and wonderful experience. I will be sure to try this exercise again.

– Azariel Flame