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Simple prosperity spell

This spell is extremely simple and only requires a few ingredients. The process is also fairly simple.

1 blank cheque
3 pinches dried powdered basil
3 pinches dried powdered bay leaf
3 pinches dried powdered cinnamon
1 small citrine cluster or geode
1 silver envelope

For those who have done magick before this will be very simple. To those who haven’t, magick is the art of creating change in conformity with will. Spells are often just ways to trigger our subconscious to allow our desires to manifest by making it believe the thing we want has already happened. There are many books written on manifestation, self-hypnosis, and basic magick so I will not delve into that here. If you are new and do not understand some of the terminology or basics then I would suggest getting a beginner’s book for magick or perusing the many articles on the internet that explain them.

To begin the spell, create sacred space however you so choose. This can be by smudging, casting a circle, invoking spirits, drumming, working with spirit guides or familiars, whatever way you are accustomed to doing it.

The key to successful magick is to make it your own and to make yourself believe. After all, we don’t need tools or pomp to send our will into our subconscious and the universe, but oftentimes it does help foster the belief that success is inevitable.

Once you have created your sacred space you are going to visualize yourself spending your money as vividly and real as you can in your mind. Keep yourself in 3rd person perspective. Watch yourself do all of this visualization as if you are a bystander. You also want to view this in the past tense, as if it has already happened. Allow yourself to feel happy, grateful, and full of joy in your vision as you spend the money and view the scenario.

Fill in all the sensory gaps in your mind, what does the experience feel like, what sounds are happening, what colours are in the place you are spending the money, can you smell food or perhaps vehicle exhaust or flowers, are there any tastes? Perhaps you are in a restaurant or a park, perhaps you are in the bank making a withdrawal. Make the experience as real as you possibly can in your mind. You want to be fully immersed in the experience.

The key thing I want you to be able to see in the full sensory visualization is your your balance in your bank account at some point. You may choose to use an ATM in your vision or perhaps a notification pops up on your phone after spending some money showing your remaining balance. Whatever way you choose fabricate this experience make it as real as possible by filling in ALL your senses. You should be able to smell and feel the money flowing by the time you are done.

It can be extremely helpful to write down the entire experience you wish to have like a short story or guided meditation. Then when you are happy with it on paper record your voice explaining the entire vision. It is important to treat it as already having happened in the language you use when recording your meditation. Be sure to include sensory cues for yourself like the following:

“As I pulled out my leather wallet I could feel the heat on the back of my neck from the sun, when I gently placed my debit card in the ATM and withdrew money I could hear the gentle mechanical whirring of the money as it came out of the machine, the smell of the fresh bills filled my nostrils and with the gentle click of the printer I saw my receipt print out, and my remaining balance showed X dollars, I immediately filled with joy and gratitude at the balance in my account.”


Once you have created your full scenario and run through it like you are actually there watching yourself spend or withdrawing the money then it is time to put all those feelings and emotions to use.

Take your blank check and write the amount you wish to receive in the appropriate line. Then put your name in the recipient spot. Then date it for when you want the change to happen. Then sign it “from the universe”.

Once your check is written out then take the citrine and smash it up into a powder with a hammer. This is easier if you put it in a Ziploc first so you don’t lose pieces.

Take your envelope and place the check into it while saying “My will in motion draws money to me”

Take the crushed citrine and add it to the envelope while saying “by earth and light comes my delight”

Take the powdered herbs and add 3 pinches of each to the envelope while saying “by the powers of three by three my desires come to me.”

Seal the envelope and as you do say “by desire and will so mote it be.”

Now take the envelope and address it to yourself. Put a postage stamp on it and physically mail it to yourself. When you receive it, do not open it,  instead take it and burn it in a fire. As it burns say “By earth and fire, will and desire, my will be done by this pyre.”

As it burns allow the feelings of gratefulness, happiness, and joy that you had in your visualization overcome you and release them to the universe knowing that your desires will be manifest, because they already have.

It is important to feel the emotions of the vision strongly as you do each of the steps in this spell, they are the keys to your success.

As always I take no responsibility for anyones actions and provide this information for entertainment purposes only. If you choose to practice this material, you do so at your own risk. There are many factors that go into a successful spell, and I cannot guarantee results for everyone. Magick is a personal journey, and each persons journey will be different.

Until next time,
Azariel Flame

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Why are we born witches?

Hi everyone!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately and I have realized that my answers to these may be able to help more than just the person asking. So I will begin to give my answers on this blog so that the words may reach those who need them when they need them.

I was recently asked the following questions by a student of mine.

Why do witches exist?

Wherever you look for an answer on this you will find different views: Witches are here to heal the world, they are here because they are emissaries of the old gods, they are here to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness, they are here to teach and guide those who’ve lost their way, they are here because they have chosen this life before incarnation, they are here to be the spiritual force of change in this dark world, they are those who are in tune with the true nature of the world.

Now, this can get all rather confusing and is a round and round question that never seems to get answered. I’m sure it’s something all of us who have the calling in our blood would like to know. There seems to be an endless string of possibilities.

I propose that perhaps people have always been a magickal species. Perhaps this was something we lost over the years by walking away from the beliefs we once held. Perhaps some of us just have it in our blood because our lineage never forsook the old knowledge.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Merlin” is familiar with the idea of Queen Maab, and how to get rid of the old magick and the old gods they simply needed to forget them. Perhaps this is the answer. Perhaps some of us, whether you believe in DNA memory or past lives, never lost that memory.

Being born a witch, what is the purpose?

I suppose if we look at the above thoughts. That would mean that the purpose of being a witch is to be in tune with the magickal current that is all around us. This seems to be different for most people born with abilities.

Some are naturally empathic and make excellent counselors or healers. Some are more inclined to dreamwork and make great hypnotists or shamans. Some are more inclined to the manifestation of their desires and make great leaders.

Your purpose may simply be to use your abilities to help yourself and others. Perhaps the reason you have healing abilities is to heal others, or your ability to curse things is to help rid the world of bad people.

What is the meaning behind the existence of individuals like us?

Ultimately your purpose is what you make of it, just as some people are inclined to be carpenters, or painters, or business executives, maybe your gifts are the same. The meaning behind this may simply be that we are who we are born to be. I think the meaning of this is that we are a group of people who are meant for greatness, we need only let go of the stigma and accept it head-on.

What does it mean to have magick in my veins?

I believe it simply means that you are born with natural abilities, that lead to a greater purpose than many. Having magick in your veins means that for better or worse, you are destined to walk a path different from the rest of our kind. Live the magick, and let it take you to many wondrous places. Like all things, it can be a blessing or a curse. What matters is what YOU choose to do with it.

I would like to think that those of us born with natural inclinations towards magick are here to help others, and we are here to shape the future for those who follow in our footsteps. Where will your path lead you?

Now, this may have left more questions than answers, however, philosophy tends to be this way. To be or not to be? That really is the question and the answer.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my ramblings today.

Ignite the light within.

Azariel Flame

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Introduction to Dreamwalking

Hail to the collective consciousness!

Over the last few months, I have been teaching some introductory workshops on Shamanism, and they have been quite well received (which I am grateful for!). One of the topics that have come up in this workshop is lucid dreaming and coupling it with shamanic journeying. This is what I like to call “Dreamwalking”.

Now typically when people do journeying they are in a trance state but they are awake, riding between the cool brain waves between the Delta range and Theta state. These two brainwaves both have excellent uses by the way, so I highly recommend learning about them and using tools such as binaural beats and frequency generators to get yourself there much faster. Anyway, while doing journeying most people use a drum or binaural beats etc. to help focus their brain into these wave ranges in order to achieve a fairly vivid daydream-like state, where they are in control of most of the goings on.

Some people prefer to just let the beat of the drum take them wherever it is that they end up going, but the definition of journeying I am using in this article is essentially a controlled daydream that has a goal and a purpose. An example of this would be wanting to retrieve a broken soul shard, so you would journey to where the piece broke off, and you would go through the trials necessary to get it back and reintegrate it into yourself. (I will eventually do a post on soul parts and soul retrieval, in the meantime google is your friend.)

These journeys or daydreams with intent can be very vivid, very realistic, and feel extremely real to the practitioner once they have done the work to build the skill, and modern science now shows that the brain can’t decipher the difference between what we do in the real world, and the things we do in these journeys, so by creating changes in our minds in the journeys, we are effectively creating real changes in our brainwaves, and in the world we perceive! Super cool right?!

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that many people experience naturally at least once or twice in their lives, if you haven’t it usually goes something like this: You’re walking around your house and there are people there that you don’t really know, there’s some music playing, it seems like you’re having a party, but you don’t party do you? Now you’re feeling really weird because you don’t remember inviting people over, or how you got to where you are now, you turn around and one of the weird people is yelling at you and angry, and this is all so vivid you feel like you are in a psychosis, you get angry back at the guy, one thing leads to another and he kills you. boom you wake up in your bed sweating and freaking out and realize, all is safe and well and it was just a dream, but holy shit that was a really vivid dream, it was so REAL! Now that moment you came to consciousness in that dream and began to control it a bit is what many would consider lucid dreaming. A dream that is so real, it is as if you are going about your normal day.

Typically I would consider the above a vivid dream or a highly aware dream, not a lucid dream. To me lucid dreaming begins to happen when we learn to take control of the dream, for example, you find yourself in a nightmare so you change the channel to a happy dream, or perhaps you decide you want to fly and you do, or maybe you want to learn about magick so you materialize yourself a teacher or a book that you can learn from. Once you begin to become adept at inducing and controlling your lucid dreams in order to complete specific tasks or journeys, this is what I call Dreamwalking, and in my opinion, it is one of the strongest tools in a magickian or shamans toolbox.

Sounds like fun right? or Maybe it sounds like a lot of work, either way, you are right! So where do you begin? Below I will outline some methods I have used to develop my dreamwalking abilities personally, that I feel will be able to help most people. Please keep in mind if you take sleeping pills, antidepressants, antipsychotics, or you are intoxicated before bed, you may have a harder time with this, but with persistence, you can certainly still develop the skill.

  1. Step one is to start keeping a dream journal! This is extremely important, and a tool that many new psychonauts scoff at and don’t use. By journaling your dreams you are actually refiring the neurons in your brain that fired when you were in the dream, creating better pathways, thus making it easier to recall dreams and easier to become lucid over time. You might be saying “I never remember my dreams anyway.” that’s fine!

    Simply write down anything you remember, this can be how you feel such as happy, sad, scared, loved, content etc. Write down any colours you remember, any names you remember, anything and everything from your feelings to your memories. Neurons that fire together, wire together, and this is a very important step in training your brain to not only remember dreams, but become aware, and eventually lucid in your dreams.

    Some people recall things better if they stay still and don’t move when they wake up, some recall better in the position they were sleeping in such as on their back or side. Experiment and find out what works for you, but begin writing as soon as possible upon waking or you will find the details will begin to fade very rapidly on you. Date each dream entry, give it a title, and write down any keywords that have meaning to you, this will help you to build your own correspondences you can use at a later time to interpret your dreams.

  2. Step two is to target your two longest REM cycles, for the average person who sleeps 8 hours these are the last 2 hours of sleep. These last two hours are actually two separate sleep cycles, so starting out you can actually have two chances per night to get into a lucid dream. Now what you want to do to target these is set an alarm for 6 hours after you go to sleep, if you are someone who takes a while to go to sleep keep that in consideration and set it for the appropriate amount of time such as 6 hours and 20 minutes after you go to bed. Then go to sleep. Once awake you are going to get up, stretch a bit, maybe get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, spend at least 5 to 10 minutes being awake and out of bed, this gets your mind back into a semi-awake state. Then simply go back to bed with the intent to have a lucid dream, some people repeat over and over in their head something to the effect of “I am lucid dreaming” until they fall asleep, this isn’t entirely necessary but can be helpful. Go back to sleep and you may be shocked to find yourself awake in a completely different spot than your bedroom.

    If you get no results the first night, simply try again. If you find you aren’t getting good results in the 6 to 7-hour window, try setting your alarm for your last REM cycle, so this would be 7 hours after going to sleep in the 7-8 hour window. Do the same thing, wake up, walk around for a few minutes, and go back to sleep. If you are really a keener, you can set two alarms in one night, one at 6 hours and one at 7 hours to take advantage of both REM cycles. Keep doing this until you begin to find yourself having more and more aware dreams, and find that you are recalling more and more for your journals. Eventually, you will find yourself in a dream and you will be completely aware that you are dreaming!

  3. Step three is to create a set of reality checks you can perform to determine if you are in fact dreaming, or if you are awake. (Eventually, your lucid dreams will become so real and life like that you will have a hard time telling the difference between your dreams and reality, so this is an important thing to learn.) I will provide a few different methods here, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. My personal favourite that I use many times daily is to take the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand and try to push them through the palm of your other hand, in reality, they will stop and you will feel the pressure on your palm, in a dream, they will go right through. In a dream you can also pass through objects and walls, so pushing against a wall or counter is another useful reality check. You can fly in dreams, so try jumping and seeing if you can float. Often times in dreams checking the time is a great tool as well, usually, the 2nd time you check a clock the time will have changed. A mirror is also a useful reality check, look at your reflection and see how you look, often in dreams, we see ourselves very different than we see ourselves in reality.

    These are all great tools to use, and you can practice them almost anywhere, which makes them even more valuable. I recommend doing a reality check a minimum of 4 times a day when starting, I personally reality check at least once an hour, not only will this tell your brain you are looking for a dream state, it will help wire it to induce a lucid state, which is after all the goal of a dreamwalker.

  4. Step four happens only once you have begun to learn how to induce your lucid dreams and reality check to gain full awareness. Once you reality check and you realize you are dreaming you have a whole new universe to explore, so get exploring!
    Some fun things you can try in the beginning are:

    • Changing the channel: this is where you think of a different place or activity and the scenery changes.

    • learning to fly: to fly you simply need to raise your arms up above your head and will it or jump slightly (flying takes practice to get right, keep at it!)

    • working with spirits: you will find that there are a lot of NPC’s (non-player characters) in your dreams, these people are kind of just filling in the background but there are also many active “inhabitants” in your dream world that you can learn many magnificent things from.

    • travel to new places: travelling can be done by flying or changing the channel or even taking an elevator or airplane or whatever play with it and see what is right for you. 

The bottom line is that this is a universe you have been going to your entire life every night, once you master being lucid and controlling it you can do and learn anything in this place, so try whatever you want, the possibilities are truly endless! Just make sure you’re actually dreaming before you kiss that stranger, or before you dance naked under the moonlight drinking tequila at a music festival!

This is a very basic intro to dreamwalking but it is an excellent place to start, I wish you all great success in your endeavours!

Dream big, and manifest your reality!

Azariel Flame
Reiki Master, Shaman, Teacher
Ignite the light