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This spell is extremely simple and only requires a few ingredients. The process is also fairly simple. Ingredients: 1 blank cheque 3 pinches dried powdered basil 3 pinches dried powdered bay leaf 3 pinches dried powdered cinnamon 1 small citrine cluster or geode 1 silver envelope For those who have done magick before this will be very simple. To those who haven’t, magick is the art of creating change in conformity with will. Spells are
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Hi everyone! I have been getting a lot of questions lately and I have realized that my answers to these may be able to help more than just the person asking. So I will begin to give my answers on this blog so that the words may reach those who need them when they need them. I was recently asked the following questions by a student of mine. Why do witches exist? Wherever you look
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Hail to the collective consciousness! Over the last few months, I have been teaching some introductory workshops on Shamanism, and they have been quite well received (which I am grateful for!). One of the topics that have come up in this workshop is lucid dreaming and coupling it with shamanic journeying. This is what I like to call “Dreamwalking”. Now typically when people do journeying they are in a trance state but they are awake,
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What is shamanic dismemberment?It is a process through which a shamans spirit animals, guides, teachers, and relations tear the shaman apart in a journey. This is often a fairly traumatic experience, it must be, after all, it is done by our guides of power to strip us of all that no longer serves us in our quest for spiritual enlightenment and development. Typically the first time this happens it is a very emotional, and frightening
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Going forward all of my students will be required to complete much more stringent case studies in order to receive a practitioner or master certificate. If you choose not to do case studies you will only be issued a certificate of attunement. All online courses will only be eligible for certificates of attunement from this point forward. To receive a practitioners certificate or a certificate of mastery you must attend an in-person course (private lessons
Energy healing, Reiki, Shamanism, physical health, mental health, metaphysics, meditation, occult, witchcraft, and spirituality are all facets of my life, and my personal pursuit of happiness. I recently was asked the following on my facebook page: “I am curious to know with all of the above-mentioned avenues, which resonates the most with you. Do you find they intertwine? If not, how do you distinguish between them. Here is my answer: These are all fully comingling
I get asked this question quite often, “How do I accept your distance energy work or attunements?”, so I decided to make a blog post about it for easy reference. The process of accepting distance healing and attunements is actually rather simple. If you have experience with meditation, visualization, and energy work in general, then it will be a snap. Below are the steps I recommend to my clients to get the most out of
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The pineal gland is a small pea sized spot in the middle of your brain connected to the spinal cord and the cerebellum. The pineal gland is associated with the third eye chakra and has been found to secrete very important chemicals for our physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. Under normal circumstances the pineal secretes melatonin which is responsible for keeping us calm and helping us sleep. However if stimulated it has been found
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Good morning readers! A question I often get asked is “How does your daily life vary from a normal person? What makes it magickal?” So I thought I would do my best to do a walkthrough of the way my life tends to go on a daily basis, for the most part. I hope this article helps my readers to pick up on at least one minor thing that can be added into their daily
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This article is written for intermediate to advanced practitioners. It is assumed that before practicing this work, you have a working knowledge of the Goetia, and the Daemonic forces. There are several books written that cover the basics of ritual magick and working with Daemons. If you have never worked with either high magick, demonolatry, Goetia, or Solomons keys, please do some research and practice BEFORE working with my rituals. By using these rituals you
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