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Ignite the light / Alberta Laser Engraving

Smokey Quartz Flame

Smokey Quartz Flame

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Introducing our Smokey Quartz Flame Crystal—a mesmerizing addition to your crystal collection, standing at an elegant 9cm tall and spanning 7cm wide. 

Key Features:

Perfect Dimensions: With a height of 9cm and a width of 7cm, this Smokey Quartz Flame Crystal strikes the perfect balance between elegance and presence, fitting seamlessly into your crystal collection or as a standalone statement piece.

Grounding Energy: Feel the grounding energy of Smokey Quartz emanates from this exquisite flame-shaped crystal. Whether used in meditation, as a centerpiece or as part of your crystal grid, its energy brings a sense of stability and connection to the earth.

Ideal for:

Crystal Enthusiasts: Perfect for both beginners and seasoned crystal enthusiasts, the Smokey Quartz Flame Crystal is a must-have addition to any collection, bringing a harmonious blend of beauty and energy.

Gifts of Grounding: Share the gift of grounding and protection with your loved ones. Our Smokey Quartz Flame Crystals make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for birthdays, celebrations, or as a symbol of support and strength.

Care Tips:

  1. Clean with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its natural shine.
  2. Display in a location away from direct sunlight to preserve the crystal's integrity.
  3. Use with intention; program the crystal with your positive energy and intentions for enhanced benefits.

Experience the Magic:

Enhance your spiritual journey and home aesthetics with the captivating beauty of the Smokey Quartz Flame Crystal. Let its grounding energy and elegant design transform your space into a haven of tranquility and positive vibrations.

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