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Spirit Quartz Cluster

Spirit Quartz Cluster

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Spirit Quartz, on the other hand, radiates powerful energies and vibrations in any direction. Apart from that, it has the ability to improve your soul.

Since Spirit Quartz can offer you spiritual evolution, this crystal may also help your spirit to attain both spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Furthermore, it brings energies of balance and harmony which are very beneficial when you feel unbalanced and restless.

When it comes to meditation, this crystal will channel light sources and high frequencies which let deeper insight and concentration. What’s more, Spirit Quartz can offer you a more profound state of clarity and awareness.

This crystal will also discharge you from fearful and negative thought processes as well as change it with harmony, peace, and freedom.

When you’re grieving for the loss of your loved one, this stone can also help you a lot by offering you the comfort that you need.

This crystal will infuse you with an energy of universal love. Nevertheless, Spirit Quartz will balance the feminine and male energies. As a result, you’ll feel more grounded and more centered.

Measures approximately 3x2 inches

we make no spiritual or medical claims and all our stones are sold as novelty only
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